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  • David W. Privett

Do You Need a Residential Locksmith?

Isn't a locksmith just a locksmith? Not really. All locksmiths are interested in locks and keys. Beyond that, we are as diverse as the population we serve. Some focus on commercial accounts, while others service automobiles, safes, and even security and surveillance systems. Most choose a combination of the various facets of the security industry according to their skills, experience, or personal preference. Those who prefer to service home or property owners are residential locksmiths.

What is a Residential Locksmith?

It's interesting that whenever I'm introduced to someone as a locksmith, they invariably say, "Oh good! I know who to call when I lock my keys in my car." It's true; I can help you retrieve your keys when you lock them in your car, but there is so much more that I can do. Most people are unaware of the residential locksmith and the valuable services that can add style, enhance convenience, and secure your everyday life.

Residential locksmiths help homeowners, property owners, and property managers maintain the frontline security of the residences they live in, own, or manage. Installing, changing, and maintaining the entry locks, keyed knobs, and levers are the baseline for convenience and security in our home, whether you rent or own. These are the primary services of the residential locksmith.

Residential locksmiths are craftsmen. They acquire and maintain the skills to properly install, change, and even bypass the many and varied types of locking devices found in today's dwellings. Residential locksmiths also stay up-to-date with the latest improvements in locks, knobs, levers, and various hardware styles to help home and property owners make the best home security decisions for their needs.

When to Call a Residential Locksmith

I was called out once to pick open one very crusty padlock on an old shed that meant a lot to the family who wanted the lock and shed carefully preserved. No job is too small. Even the seasoned DIY'er can have trouble installing knobs and locks they bought from the big-box stores. So, anytime you have a lock or hardware issue around your home or property, you'll want to call a residential locksmith.

Here's a list of the most common reasons to call a residential locksmith:

  • New doorknob, lever, or deadbolt installations

  • Rekeying existing knob/lever locks and deadbolts

  • Make new keys

  • Duplicate existing keys

  • Remove broken keys from locks

  • Repair stuck or malfunctioning doorknobs, levers, and deadbolts

  • Reinforce door latch and deadbolt strikes

  • Home security consultation

  • Lockout emergency--locked out of your home or apartment

Any situation you may have involving your home security, including door hardware, locks, and keys in your home or property, is an excellent reason to call a residential locksmith.


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